Brain Cancer

"There are many young scientists in a similar position that could greatly benefit from the support at the early stages in their career."

Justin Lathia, PH.D.
Cleveland Clinic

Molecular Studies

"The Ohio Cancer Research award was instrumental in getting my laboratory off the ground as a new faculty member."

Denis Guttridge, PH.D.
The Ohio State University

Breast Cancer

"For many in my position such achevements would not be possible without these early investments and I thank you for supporting OCR and enabling the cutting edge scientific projects of Ohio's talented young researchers."

Matthew Summers, PH.D.
Cleveland Clinic,
The Ohio State University

Gene Mutation

"The Ohio Cancer Research grant really sowed the seed of success for me to acquire $1.8 million federal funding since I joined the University of Toledo."

Song-Tao Liu, PH.D.
University of Toledo

Lung Cancer

"Research matters because lung cancer is poorly understood and current therapies are insufficient to save the lives of patients."

Anne Strohecker, PH.D.
The Ohio State University

Funded with the support of Celeste and David Loewendick

Breast Cancer

"The lifetime risk of developing invasive breast cancer is 1 in 8 in women in the United States and 20% of the breast cancer patients die. We are exploring strategies to reduce breast cancer deaths in the clinic."

Huiping Liu, M.D., PH.D.
Case Western Reserve University

Cancer Therapy

"Metastasis, the spread of cancer from the original tumor to other sites in the body, is the main cause of death in most cancer patients. We believe our research will contribute to the identification of new therapeutic targets to reduce cancer cell invasion and metastasis."

Jennifer Leight, PH.D.
The Ohio State University

These researchers have had “seed money” projects funded by Ohio Cancer Research. The area of cancer research is denoted in red. These projects have generated over $230 million in new research funds.


Doris J. Beck, PhD Molecular Genetics
Vladimir Popik, PhD Breast Cancer
Lakshmidevi Pulakat, PhD M.Phil Breast Cancer
William Scovell, PhD Molecular Genetics


Rajesh Agarwal, PhD Prostate Cancer
Nihal Ahmad, PhD Skin and Prostate Cancer
Barbara Bedogni, PhD Skin Cancer
Matthias Buck, PhD Molecular Genetics
David Danielpour, PhD Prostate Cancer
Clark W. Distelhorst, MD Hormone Therapy
Philip R. Garner, PhD Gene Mutation
Antonio Gualberto, MD PhD Gene Mutation
Zhongwu Guo, PhD Molecular Genetics
Zhilin Hu, PhD Lung Cancer
Hung-Ying Kao, PhD Leukemia
Efstathios Karathanasis, PhD Chemotherapy Treatment
Santosh Katiyar, PhD Skin Cancer
Huiping Liu, MD PhD Breast Cancer
Hua Lou, PhD Thyroid Cancer
Sanford Markowitz, MD PhD Colon Cancer
Monica Montano, PhD Breast Cancer
Narenda Narayana, PhD Leukemia
Ellen Rorke, PhD Cervical Cancer
Nicole Franziska Steinmetz, PhD Breast Cancer
Hortst von Recum, PhD Chemotherapy
David Wald, MD PhD Leukemia
Scott M. Welford, PhD Radiation Oncology/Renal Cancer
Yanwu Yang, PhD Tumor Research


Robert Arceci, MD PhD Leukemia
Takiko Daikoku, PhD Endometrial Cancer
Vrushank Dave, PhD Lung Cancer
Brian Gebelein, PhD Leukemia
Yi Gu, PhD Lymphoma
Raphael Hirsch, MD Molecular Genetics
Gang Huang, PhD Leukemia
Anil G. Jegga, DVM Gene Mutation
Xinhua Lin, PhD Kidney Cancer
Ruhikanta Meetei, PhD Genetic Research
James Mulloy, PhD Leukemia
Saulius Sumanas, PhD Tumor Studies
Susan E. Waltz, PhD Skin Cancer
Susanne Wells, PhD Cervical Cancer


Munna Agarwal, PhD Gene Mutation
Marina Antoch, PhD Cancer Therapy
Sipra Banerjee, PhD Breast Cancer
Christine Campbell, PhD Breast Cancer
Justin D. Lathia, PhD Brain Cancer
Tao Lu, PhD Colon Cancer
Patrick Ma, MD Lung Cancer
Malachi Mixon Special Gift
Lan Zhou, MD, PhD Leukemia
Marie-Odile Parat, PHARMD PhD Molecular Genetics
Nywana Sizemore, PhD Breast Cancer
Matthew K. Summers, PhD Breast Cancer
Michael Vogelbaum, MD PhD Brain Cancer


Sten Jacobsen, Ms PhD Leukemia


Bruce Averbook, MD FASC Brain Cancer
Aruna Basu, PhD Pancreatic Cancer
Subrata Haldar, PhD Skin Cancer


Joan Durbin, MD PhD Rhabdomyosarcoma
Risa Kitagawa, PhD Tumor Studies
Natarajan Muthusamy, DVM PhD Lymphoma
Sue O’Dorisio, MD PhD Gastrointestinal


Elisar Barbar, PhD Tumor Research
Monica Burdick, PhD Breast Cancer

Total research funded:
over $7 million

Total research generated to date: over $220 million


Samir Acharya, PhD Colon Cancer
Keiko Akagi, PhD Leukemia
Rami Aqeilan, PhD Tumor Cell Research
Xue-Feng Bai, MD PhD Gene Mutation
Robert Baiocchi, MD PhD Lymphoma
Brent C. Behrens, MD Molecular Genetics
Robert W. Brueggemeier, PhD Breast Cancer
Ing-Ming Chiu, PhD Leukemia
Susan Cole, PhD Molecular Genetics
Robert W. Curley, PhD Chemoprevention
James W. DeWille, MPH MS PhD Breast Cancer
Harold A. Fisk, PhD Molecular Genetics
Darrell R. Galloway, PhD Skin Cancer
Tsonwin Hai, PhD Molecular Genetics
Paul Kenneth Herman, PhD Molecular Genetics
David H. Ives, PhD Molecular Genetics
Sissy Jhiang, PhD Brain Cancer
Victor Jin, PhD Breast Cancer
Lee F. Johnson, PhD Thyroid Cancer
Laura A. Kresty, PhD Esophageal Cancer
Michael D. Lairmore, DVM PhD Lymphoma
Jennifer L. Leight, PhD Cancer Therapy
Mary MacVicar, RN PhD Breast Cancer
Louis Malspeis, PhD Chemotherapy Delivery
Louis Mansky, PhD Leukemia
Nina Mayr, MD Prostate Cancer
George Milo, PhD Gene Mutation
Stefan Niewiesk, DVM PhD Leukemia
Gregory Otterson, MD Lung Cancer
Deborah Parris, PhD Molecular Genetics
Paivi Peltomaki, MD PhD Colon Cancer
John Rinehart, MD Chemotherapy
Arthur L. Sagone, Jr., MD Hematology
James Shaw, PhD Gene Mutation
Amanda Simcox, PhD Molecular Genetics
Anne M. Strohecker, PhD Lung Cancer
Duxin Sun, PhD Chemotherapy
Werner Tjarks, PhD Head and Neck Cancer
Harald Vaessin, PhD Molecular Genetics
Michael E. Weinstein, PhD Molecular Genetics
Karl Werbovetz, PhD Chemotherapy
Marshall Williams, PhD Colon Cancer
Jian-Qui Wu, PhD Molecular Genetics
Sung Yoon, PhD Molecular Genetics
Pan Zheng, MD Prostate Cancer
Bruce Zwilling, PhD Gene Mutation


Zalfa Abdel-Malek, PhD Skin Cancer
David S. Askew, PhD Leukemia
Michelle Ann Barton, PhD Breast Cancer
Arthur Buckley, PhD Genetic Research
Rodney DeKoter, PhD Leukemia
Joanna Groden, PhD Genetic Research
Ana Luisa Kadekaro, PhD Skin Cancer
Sohaib A. Khan, PhD Breast Cancer
Erik Knudsen, PhD Gene Mutation
Andrew Lowy, MD Stomach Cancer
Shan Lu, PhD Prostate Cancer
Shiuh Wen Luoh, MD Breast Cancer
Mario Medvedovic, PhD Breast Cancer
R. C. Samaratunga, PhD Radiation
Yolanda Sanchez, PhD Gene Mutation
Jeffrey Sussman, MD Skin Cancer
Glenn Talaska, PhD Bladder Cancer
Craig R. Tomlinson, PhD Breast Cancer
Ying Xia, PhD Chemotherapy
Jinsong Zhang, PhD Leukemia
Xiaoting Zhang, PhD Breast Cancer


Amit Singh, PhD Gene Mutation


Gloria Borgstahl, PhD Genetic Research
Ivana de la Serna, PhD Skin Cancer
John David Dignam, PhD Molecular Research
Han-Fei Ding, MD PhD Genetic Research
Fan Dong, MD PhD Gene Mutation
Rafael Garcia-Mata, PhD Breast Cancer
Song-Tao Liu, PhD Gene Mutation
Steve M. Patrick, PhD Gene Mutation
Douglas L. Pittman, PhD Breast Cancer
Randall Ruch, PhD Lung Cancer
Lirim Shemshidini, PhD Gene Mutation
Cynthia Smas, DSc Prostate Cancer
Steven J. Sucheck, PhD Tumor Cell Research
James P. Trempe, PhD Tumor Cell Research
Yian Wang, MD PhDLiver Cancer
Kam Chi Yeung, PhD Molecular Research
Ming You, MD PhD Lung Cancer
Jianglong Zhu, PhD Tumor Study


Steven Berberich, PhD Gene Mutation
John J. Turchi, PhD Gene Mutation
Yong-jie Xu, MD PhD Chemotherapy